Advanced Shape Optimisation Analysis

Experience has shown that, for a given storage volume, savings of up to 5% of construction cost can be achieved through shape optimization alone. The effectiveness of shape optimisation requires that project specific site conditions, geometric constraints and local cost trends must be captured as input factors. Traditionally shape optimisation is seldom done and previous historic designs are simply reused without considering the cost efficiency of the design. Res Spec offers advanced shape optimisation as a standard value added service.

Reservoir Technical Speciality

Reservoir design and construction has numerous risks. Res Spec mitigates risk through specialisation and expert technical know-how.

Lifecycle Cost Orientated Design Approach

Our approach to design entails a high regard for asset lifecycle and low maintenance cost. Specific attention is given, from the conceptual stage, to concrete durability, water tightness and low maintenance considerations.

Custom Reservoir Design Software

Our reservoir design is performed with advanced custom reservoir software that ensures the highest technical deliverables on every project.


Tim Dubber has over 23 years general structural engineer experience and 10 years specialist experience in the field of post-tensioned reservoir design. He has undertaken numerous conventionally reinforced and post-tensioned concrete reservoir designs of up to 50Ml capacity.

In addition, Tim has performed specialist design reviews of complex curved liquid retaining structures such as biodigesters and designed numerous reservoir dome roofs of up to 65m diameter.