ResApp CS

ResApp CS is custom-built software for elastic, prestress, partial prestress and non-prestress design of circular concrete reservoirs on the ground. ResApp CS is a wholistic, integrated and seamless software solution for the Professional Consulting Engineer.


ResApp CS is custom-built for design, detailing and costing of circular concrete reservoirs on the ground.

Wholistic integrated solution in a single project model.

Seamless simplicity of design flow and integration:

Model → optimise → Analysis → crack → detail → BOQ → CAD

Rigorous elastic analysis of circular elements (wall, footing, dome) is performed using finite difference (FD) and finite element (FE) engines, customised for analysis of shells of revolution.

Realistic modelling and analysis of wall boundary, including:

  • Wall on sliding bearing
  • Wall encastre with footing

The analysis accounts for bearing shear stiffness, footing-soil interaction and footing radial stiffness. The footing is analysed as an annular beam-on-elastic foundation.

Supports modelling and analysis of tapered walls.

Bonded internal post tension design and integrated detailing.

Flexible option for partial prestress solution. Prestress design follows EC2 unified design philosophy.

Elastic analysis of shells of revolution and prestress design of dome ring beam.

User-friendly, highly graphical interface including interactive graphics.

Export capability to CAD.

Create Excel format tender BOQ for costing.

Shape-cost optimisation analysis offering significant build savings.

Expandable design code support:

  • BS 8007
  • EN 1992-3
  • SANS 10100-3

Modular and flexible rental licensing. You pay only for features that you want.

Res Spec is committed to on-going software development and user support.

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